Arkin Gupta

Arkin Gupta

I believe in not just writing efficient code, but also designing effective experiences.

Who Am I?

Software Engineer, Machine Learning enthusiast, and technologist living in La Jolla, California.
Studying Computer Science & Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego.

I spend my free time building open-source projects & attending hackathons.
Redditing, studying math & playing Counter-Strike are some of my other interests.

I currently work as a Software & Database Developer at the UC San Diego Center for Cyber-Archaeology.
I also worked at Learning Equality , this winter as a Software Engineer Intern.
I am proficient in Java, Python and Javascript.

I love building cool stuff.


Intersect is a mobile application designed to ease the process of connecting with people on various social media.

Check it out on Github.

Android, Java, Firebase


Trivents is a one-stop web-application to manage and create events. Features include QR generation for events, pulling events from Facebook & Eventbrite, and more.

Check it out on Github.

MeteorJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Marvelous is an Amazon Alexa skill to recite information about Marvel comics & its characters.

Check it out on Github.

Node.js, JSON, Amazon AWS


SentiMedia is a python-powered web application to perform sentiment analysis on YouTube comments.

Check it out on Devpost.

Python, Natural Language Toolkit, Google App Engine

Hackathons are awesome.

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SDHacks @ UC San Diego

SDHacks was the first hackathon I attended. Without a team or an idea, I was nervous about it and slightly intimidated by the number of hackers I saw. However, after I was let inside the stadium (was on the waitlist) I somehow managed to find very skilled team members. We sat down and brainstormed ideas. Once we knew what we were going to hack, there was no looking back. Thirty hours later we had put together an ellaborate web application & a messenger bot to supplement it. I learnt a lot from my team members and was amazed by what other hackers had built. Given how much I cherished this experience, I knew this was the first of many hackathons I plan to attend.

We ended up winning a sponsor prize by Docusign!

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CalHacks @ UC Berkeley

My second hackathon was at UC Berkeley. More hackers, bigger arena, and a plethora of brilliant ideas. Again, one and a half days of writing code was stressful, yet I loved every moment of it. When it was time to present our hacks, I already knew that learning from & watching people around me had made me a better programmer. And that's all that mattered. The 10-hour bus ride from San Diego to Berkeley was totally worth it.

Our team ended up winning an API prize by NEC!